Thursday, December 4, 2014

Russian head warmers

In the epically freezing, bleak and dark winter days of Moscow, it is had to look radiant and chic. Dressing becomes more about survival, rather than a glamorous catwalk. But here and there, perched on the back of heads, like springtime shoots or Easter cactus blossoms, are hand-knitted woolly hats, mostly worn by middle aged women. In a bleak and grey landscape, they whisper for a little attention for the wearer.
Russian artist Olga Chernysheva reveals the poetic power of these knitted "tea-cozies", that seem to whisper, "I will help you survive until springs warmth arrives".

The back of the head series, forms the main body of work by Olga Chernysheva at the PACE LONDON until January, 17th 2015.

The wearers are not aware that they were being photographed and Olga never asked for permission to take the photographs. This makes the photos even more interesting and leaves the observer wondering. What did the wearer look like? Did she knit the hat herself? Where was she going?

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