Thursday, March 29, 2018

DENIM on trend and IN STYLE

It's hard to classify DENIM as a trend. For most of us, it is a wardrobe staple, and it is without doubt a classic "AMERICA STYLE".

Denim goes back to the future

An all over denim outfit is a hard look to pull-off, but paired with a crisp white shirt or t-shirt and it can be one-sexy-look. Or how about adding a little denim as hat trim and rocking it to your local beach. Yep, a cool on-trend look with the added UPF+ sun protection thrown in for free. Work it gurl!

At Callanan hats, we got you covered.

J Callanan Sewn braid raffia with frayed denim trim. UPF50+
J Callanan PANAMA STYLE TOYO STRAW WITH DENIM TRIM. gender fluid style.

J Callanan hand dyed fedora style CR275-asst is a great way to pull a denim outfit together. gender neutral style.

Scala LC762-asst. Denim ribbon floppy. UPF50+ son protection

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