Friday, April 26, 2013

Around the world in 28 days

April 26th 9pm and I am on the airport express to HK International airport. I had looked at my ticket 100 times and was convinced I was departing Sat. Night at 12.30. TG I rechecked tonight and finally saw my error. The flight is on Sat. April 27 at 0030! So my first around the world trip begins.

HK has the most efficient airport in the World. I was able to catch a cab from my apartment in midlevels and be through security in 45 mins flat. You check your luggage and get your boarding pass in either central or Kowloon and then take a leisurely airport express train to the airport in under 20 mins.

Cathay Pacific is my airline of choice. Their economy class is better than most American Airlines premier service. Their lounges are just perfect. No nasty coupons to get a drink. Food made to order and the best champagne flows freely.

So departed HK Friday night and arrived in SF on Friday night after a 12 hour flight. The magic of being a time traveler.

Initial observations on landing at SFO, DIVERSITY. In Asia diversity does not exist. It was thrilling to see Asian, Latino, Black and white airport security. Diversity is taken for granted until you do not have it. I though that this is the core strength do the USA. It's diversely beautiful people.
Looked like a full moon over SF Bay as the taxi headed downtown.
Low buildings and I can see the night sky. There are no low buildings HK and the sky is seldom to be seen. It's good to be home.
Man those SF skies are just so blue.

 I cannot remember ever seeing such blue skies in HK and the air; it is like sipping spring water through a straw. Just so pure compared to HK's polluted air.
I had the luck of living in SF many years ago and frequently revisit but the city views never cease to wow me. There is just pure magic in is city. If SF did not exist someone would have to create it.

A hike on the Marin headlands was magical and the air was so pure.
Blue skies shining above me, nothing but blue skies do I see...

I look at life from both sides now, up and down.

getting down was a little precarious 

but it was so worth it.

1 week down and 3 to go. I got clobbered with allergies last week. Maybe I over did it on the hike! Even my trusted netti pot did not keep them at bay. I am so tired of popping sudefed and musinix. In any event it was a very productive week. Callanan and Scala spring/summer collections are put to bed and I got to see all my sweet and wonderful colleagues at headquarters in Stockton CA. Off to NYC today for a week of back to back appointments.

Flying to NYC always sounds so exciting and middle America looks so beautiful from above.

NYC, my home away from home. It really is the best city in the world. Best for bagels, dining, fashion. Got to catch up with lots of old friends. Went to 5 yoga classes at YOGAWORKS. Yes, NYC even has the best yoga with great teachers like Chrissy Carter, Lippy, Paula Lynch. Carrie was MIA once again.
Had a very productive work week. Sold lots of hats and learned what's got in hats right now. Stay tuned for what hot in the fashion CAPITals in another blog.

May 13, arrived in Paris today. Quite chilly here for mid May. France may be in the middle of an economic storm but the capital still graciously shines. Update on May 15 France officially fell back into recession. Looks like the Chinese are keeping the couture houses open. I remember when it was the Japanese who were the top shoppers. I though that the Chinese only lined up for purchases in Hong Kong but they were long lines of Asians at all luxury shops in Gallerie Lafayette and Printemps. For such a world traveler, I am a creature of habit. I have breakfast at Au Rocher De Cancale, Rue Montorgueil, each morning.

Yesterday had lunch at La Chaise aux Plafond, Rue du Tresor,  another favorite haunt.


May 14. Rented one of the public bikes today and it was a great way to see Paris on wheels. Headed to La Bon Marche store and Conrans before biking to Passage Panorama for lunch at L'Arbre A Canelle, another favorite lunch spot. It is such a great place to people watch.


wall detail

Ceiling detail

Tile work at L'arbre a Cannelle

Passage Vivienne

I just never get tired of being a tourist in Paris.

May 15, arrived in Cork my birth home city. Typical Irish weather. Rain followed by gorgeous sun shine followed by more showers; no wonder Ireland is so green. If you visit Cork City for the first time, I guess it is kind of nice, Queen Elizabeth seems to like it when she visited, but if you ran away from there 30 years ago, than it is a whole other experience. For me, going to Cock is an obligatory pilgrimage. It is of course nice to see my friends and family but below the city service lie dark corners and monsters that I have never been able to conquer.

May 21 and back in Paris;-)). Staying with some buds on Rue du temple. They have a great apartment over looking the square.

Staircase to the apartment dates from the 1600's.

Weather is unseasonably cold and rainy but having fun biking around the city.

May 26 back in Hong Kong. Oh well, it was good while it lasted........Raining here but warm and muggy.....Seems like it is raining all over the world.