Sunday, May 10, 2020


According to The Skin Cancer Foundation, 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer by the age of 70. That's a staggering number.

Using sun protection consistently from an early age, is the strongest defense against developing skin cancers.
No one method is perfect, but applying sun screen, while avoiding over exposure to the sun, will help; as will adding a UPF50+ hat to your sun protection arsenal.

To meet the UPF50+ criteria, a hat brim must measure minimum 3" all around and the material must be able to block 97.5% of the suns dangerous UV rays.

Keep this in mind next time you don a hat to go outside. Baseball caps, visors, crocket raffia hats, sinamy, and fascinators may make you look and feel glamorous. but they WILL NOT PROTECT your skin from the sun.

Wearing any head covering when it's hot and humid can be uncomfortable at times.
With this in mind, I looked to the past for inspiration for hats for the s2020 collection.

My SUN-BRELLA was inspired by the BERGERE (Shepherdess hat) of Marie Antoinette. She would wear this hat as she played dress-up at her HAMEAU DE LA REINE at Versailles.
It is a classic 5 1/2" flat brimmed straw tried with a loose ribbon. The hat can be angled at different points of the head to avoid the sun's rays. It has a shallow crown, so the hat perches on top of the head and in addition the headband is made from COOLMAX, all of which allow for a cool head with maximum sun protection. The hat is hand-made of tightly woven raffia fonds and is #sustainablefashion

SUN-BRELLA will keep you cool and chic from pool to beach
My BEACH-BRELLA is inspired from my travels in southeast Asia. The conical hats have been worn through the milliniums by rice farmers. I added an inner skull-cap to lift the hat off the head to allowing the air to circulate ergo keeping your head cooler. The 6", conical brim also protects the shoulders of the wearer. the hat is made from twisted paper braid and is #sustainablefashion.


If you are looking for something less fabulous but still eye-catching, you can also choose one of our more classic panama, close or face-saver styles.

classic Callanan nautical styles
Cloth hats are always good to have tucked into your bag for a weekend get-away.

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