Thursday, July 29, 2010


Chelsea you either have no friends to advise you or they are giving you bad advise. Darling, I know you are anxious and not wanting to be hounded by the press but this hat is an attention getter. It screams "I am a crazy rich person off my meds" or "I am checking into rehab for a little med problem". I hope you did not pay money for this crappy hat as it looks like something a street vendor might sell. This cone shape is just not flattering. if you want to go incognito then better to wear some fab large black glasses a la Jackie and a tantalizing Callanan hat. Anyway doll, break a leg on your big day. You'll be swell but if you need a great Callanan hat for the honeymoon for yourself or Mark stop by RHINEBECK DEPARTMENT STORE on Main Street.
Barbara will hook ya up.

hats for celebrity hairstyles

The paparazzi chasing you or just having a bad hair day? Then just hide your rat's nest under a stylish Callanan Legacy hat. Need to get to the hair salon without scaring children along the way then order one of these stylish hats from Callanan legacy. The fedora is trimmed in recycled ties from banker friends and the metallic rain hat is lined in fleece to keep your noggin warm during those cold ugly winter days.
To order go to
or ask your local hair salon to carry some hats.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

cashmere @ club Monaco

I have never quite "got" what Club Monaco is all about but as it's on my way home from Yogaworks I pop in now and then. Last night I popped in for a little air conditioning and ended up buying 2 delightful cashmere cardigans for 69.00, reduced from 269.00. Now thats my type of bargain. They have lovely sleeve cuff and side button details. I hate when I have to constantly pull the sleeves up but these have a super EURO-CHIC cut.
They also have a delightfully sexy hat for ladies on offer. I gave the lady pictured my professional opinion and she ended up buying it. I think she looks smashing in it.

Friday, July 16, 2010

The devil may wear Prada but Rabba Sara Hurwitz prefers to wear her Scala jockey cap style LW268-ASST, available nationwide in both Orthodox and non orthodox stores. No need to look dowdy when you can look angelic in pearls and a little lip gloss.
Check out her story at You go girl!!


Another reason not to go to Brooklyn (just joking).
My friend Rachel was bitten by a brown spider when we were walking the Brooklyn Museum on Sat., 10
Bad reaction on her leg. Was given antibiotics by her doctor the following day but her foot continued to swell and turn purple.

Admitted 7/14 to Beth Israel hospital on 16 th street, between 1 st and 2 nd Ave.
Doctors wanted to monitor infected area, give her a different set of drugs. They feel confident that they can take care of the infection.
And that once the infection and swelling goes down, they will release her.

In the meantime we had 2 bed bug infestations at a Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch stores in NYC. I wonder if they came in a clothing shipment from China or were home grown terrorists.

Have a good day ! Stay away from spiders !

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Callanan Italian fedora

Maybe you might prefer a red accent for your July 4th cookout. Also available from lord and Taylor and better store nationwide.As seen in the current Lord and Taylor main Fifth Avenue windows. Snap it up during their July 4th sale.

chic Callanan July 4th

Wishing you all a safe and happy July 4th weekend. I am off to my favorite Fire Island get away. No need to look frumpy at your July 4th barbecue, just pop into Lord and Taylor and pick up this adorable July 4th Callanan legacy hat on sale. As displayed in their Fifth Avenue BCBGENERAION window.