Thursday, March 16, 2017

Saint Patrick's Day, shamrocks are not clovers

A little know fact is that the first St. Patrick's day parade was held in NYC on March 17, 1762. In Ireland, mass gatherings was unlawful under British occupation, as the British army were afraid that they would lead to mass uprisings.
Early Irish settlers in NYC embraced their new found freedom by parading down NYC's Fifth Avenue. The annual parade also helped homesick people to bond and keep their cultural identity alive.

In Ireland, St. Patrick's day is more of an irish cultural day rather than an excuse for teenager to drink green beer! Sorry to burst your bubble but we do not wear green. Mea culpa, but we do not go around saying "top of the morning to you". Nope, no green hats but a nice Donegal tweed ivy cap looks good on everyone.

In any event, you do not want to anger the leprechauns (the little people) and their three leaf shamrocks.
Leprechauns hate 4 leaf clovers. Team trump may be messing with the wrong immigrants ;-)

Interesting article from the New York Times.


Shamrocks, like these, have three leaves. A four-leaf clover is often mistaken for the shamrock in the United States. CreditPeter Morrison/Associated Press 

St. Patrick’s Day will soon be upon us, and Team Trump would like you to know that for just $50 you can purchase a green “Make America Great Again” hat embroidered with a symbol that has nothing to do with St. Patrick’s Day.
The hats went on sale last week in advance of the holiday, celebrated on March 17, and had a four-leaf clover — instead of a three-leaf shamrock — stitched on the back. A four-leaf clover is not a symbol of Ireland. It is just a plant.
On Wednesday afternoon the hats disappeared from Mr. Trump’s online store. A spokeswoman for Mr. Trump did not respond to questions about why the hats were taken off the website.


Parade goers in Dublin in 2014. CreditPeter Morrison/Associated Press 

The original advertisements for the hat encouraged Mr. Trump’s supporters to “capture the luck of the Irish.”
Social media users, especially those in Ireland — where Mr. Trump is deeply unpopular — were quick to pounce, as was the news media there. The Irish Independent, a popular daily newspaper, described the four-leaf clover as “a sugary, oat piece that you’ll find in a box of Lucky Charms cereal” that “has nothing to do with St. Patrick’s Day or Ireland.”
Mixing up the number of leaves on a shamrock is an easy mistake to make, especially in the United States, where St. Patrick’s Day is widely celebrated even by people with no substantive connection to Ireland.
The Obama campaign made the same mistake in 2012, producing a line of Irish-themed campaign swag covered in four-leaf clovers (it soon reversed course.) Mr. Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael T. Flynn, himself an Irish-American, used a four-leaf clover on Twitter last year. Even the Irish beer company Guinness is not immune: It used a four-leaf clover in a series of advertisements in Canada last year.
Niall O’Dowd, the publisher of several Irish-American media outlets, said these slip-ups were par for the course on St. Patrick’s Day in the United States, where some of the finer points of Irish culture often get lost in the green-tinged melee of parades and bar crawls. (In case you’re wondering why the shamrock is part of the holiday at all, legend has it that St. Patrick used its three leaves to illustrate the Holy Trinity in Christianity.
“That sort of things is so common,” Mr. O’Dowd said. “It’s not exactly earth-shattering that they’ve used a four-leaf clover.”
Another common misunderstanding is referring to the holiday as “St. Patty’s Day,” he said. (The Independent sneered about the American pronunciation: “St. Patty’s Day as they insist on calling it.”)
“Patty” is not the nickname used for a man named Patrick. It is the nickname used for a woman named “Patricia.” Men named Patrick — including the saint honored on March 17 — are referred to casually as “Paddy.” Like many Americans, the Republican Party made that mistake, too, in its advertisement for the Trump hat.
Mr. O’Dowd said he thought that misspelling was a forgivable offense.
“If you listen to an Irish accent it does sound like ‘Patty’s Day,’” he said. “People get offended by it, but I think it’s one of those things that gets overblown. People’s intent is noble, and that’s just how the word sounds to them.”

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Ever wondered... why you should wear a hat in winter besides your mother telling you to?

On a cold snow blizzard day like to day, remember your mothers words of wisdom: "You need to wear a hat because you lose more heat through your head than the rest of your body. 

Well is this a myth or just plain fake/alternative news.

True or false?

While this is not exactly true, wearing a hat on chilly days will definitely help you stay warm. Here's how.
Warmblooded animals control their body temperature by balancing heat production (from cell function) and heat loss (to the environment). Cold surroundings do lots of sneaky things to steal the heat from your body. If you come in direct contact with a cold object, like sitting on a snowy hill, you lose heat conduction. (Conduction is the process that causes heat transfer when two objects are touching each other - in this case, the snowy hill and your butt.) If you come in contact with cold air, you lose heat through convection. (Convection is the process that causes heat transfer when a gas moves past an object - in this case, cold air moving across your skin.) There is even something called the "chimney effect" that can work against you. Dense, cold air works its way into your pants and sleeves and pushes warm, light air out through other openings. Wind also works through convection, which is why blustery, cold days are the worst.
If it's cold outside, the brain directs a number of actions to keep your core temperature steady. The blood vessels in your skin contract (get smaller) to preserve heat. That's why your hands and feet may become pale and cool in cold settings. By redirecting blood flow, the brain keeps your muscles and organs warm even though your hands, feet and skin become cold. You feel cold, which encourages you to put on warm clothes. If it's really cold, you may even shiver, which increases heat production in your muscles.
Okay, back to hats.
As noted above, you lose heat from any part of your body that comes in contact with a cold environment. And the part of your body that is most often exposed to the elements during the winter is your poor defenseless head!

So listen to your mother and put a lid on your noggin!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


As Karl Lagerfeld steered CHANEL into the future and beyond, in an epic simulated rocket launch in the Grand Palais, he did so with a nod to the past. 


And of course you wouldn't dream of going into the future without some to-die-for accessories. Mr. Lagerfeld nailed it with intergalactic headbands embellished with pearls and beads. The whole shows was Xanadu, Xanadu!

The average woman in the street will probably decide to tone the look down and we have some great alternative looks at Scala Pronto.





Monday, March 6, 2017

BERETS you betcha - ON TREND

The beret is probably one of the oldest hat styles know to mankind and it certainly is the hat of passion. From the passion of youth, the passion of rebellion, to the passion needed in war.

Armies worldwide proudly wear berets, from the UN peacekeepers blue beret, to the USA's green berets, to the UK red berets.

Meghan Markle is becoming the royals newest hat ambassador and she certainly know show to pull a beret off!

Dior sent an army of fashionista in leather clad berets on the march for fall 2017.

vegan leather beret from SCALA PRONTO LW700-ASST

Hollywood has had a long time love affair with the beret.

Parisian chic from CALLANAN hats LW420-asst



At Dorfman Pacific, we have been selling berets for 95 years and plan to do so for at least another 95 yeas.

From our authentic French basque beret.

genuine french beret style 51-blk
 To our FASHION berets in fun colors.

10 1/2" wool beret


Friday, March 3, 2017


A stylish lady or a stylish man is always in fashion, but the same cannot be said for fashion trend chasers. Fashion is fickle friend and can fizzle before production reaches the store. Fashion can look great on the right person, but can look ridiculous on someone trying too hard to be young and trendy, or as my dear old mother would have said "OMG, she looks like mutton dressed as lamb". Yep, we get the visual!!!

At Dorfman Pacific, we are frequently on trend and always in style.

BREAKING NEWS on fall 2017's trendy and classic hats!!

John Galliano for Maison Margiela, always throws a fun runway show. For fall 2017 he went with a very ventilated look. Not sure how sellable/wearable these are but the make for a fun DIY project.

We suggest that you buy a tall crown CALLANAN hat and cut a hole out to get the same look.
Good Luck with this goof look!

callanan high crown LV391-ASST

For fall 2017, Mark Jacobs presented a lovely stylish collection, topped off with classic cloches.
The cloches were perched high on beehive hairdos, reminiscent of the 1960'S beehive-hat, a modern look for the time. Your average stylish lady will indeed wear these lower on the head, in a more conventional style.

OK, maybe the knit is a little cookie to carry-off, getting on the plane, but at callanan and Scala we got you covered in style.

Or for an easier street look, wear a classic Scala to Callanan cloche.


When it comes to classic tailoring, Giorgio Armani is the maestro.
He topped his modern inventive suits and dresses of with a classic black fedora. that my friends is true style. Bravissimo!!!

Create this look with a classic SCALA CLASSICO felt fedora.