Saturday, April 17, 2010


The current production of Tennessee Williams, The Glass Menagerie, is just spellbinding, gut wrenching, thought provoking. It is the type of production that you rehash in your mind long after the curtains come down. The set is a bleak backdrop reflecting the bleak life of the characters. Judith Ivey is just wonderful as Amanda with her delusions of grandeur. Patch Darragh as Tom, is the care taker in the asylum he is born into, hating his crazy mother while while putting-up-with his cripple sister.He has illusions of running away with the merchant marines to escape his situation. Finally, like his father, he is forced to fly to survive. Keira Keelley as Laura, lives in her own made-up-world in order to avoid the weight of disappointment she bring to her mother and which her mother constantly reminds her about while recalling her own delusional past of splendid glory. Michael Mosley is the one who flies over the cuckoo nest as the guest gentleman caller, Jim O'Connor. He is the only one to show Laura some human kindness and advise. Laura seems to blossom for a few minutes only to fall back into malaise when Jim reveals is already taken.

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