Saturday, April 30, 2011

Plensa’s project for Madison Square Park

 Plensa’s project for Madison Square Park, is a monument to everyday people in the form of a 44’ fiberglass-reinforced plastic sculpture of the head and neck of a young girl, the nine year-old daughter of a restaurant proprietor near Plensa’s home in Barcelona. Plensa’s sculpture, made from white-pigmented fiberglass- reinforced plastic with a crushed marble gel coat, will be sited on the central Oval Lawn of Madison Square Park. Its monumental size and vertical orientation reflect the architecture surrounding the park, while the visage of the sculptor’s subject exudes a welcoming tranquility perfectly suited to this cherished urban oasis.
From a distance it reminded me of the statues on Easter Island.
yet, with a primitive African look.
to the naked eye it is a smooth as marble but the camera picks out the fiberglass sections
I think the almond shaped eyes are quite Asian looking.
Face-on, when you are not aware of the patchwork sections,it has an inner glow that is reminiscent of a Buddha head.
went back tonight and was disappointed that it was not lit up.

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