Saturday, November 12, 2011

Reproduction Vintage Hat Molds

A few months ago I blogged about the great hat molds that Nordstrum was using for display, well, they are now avaialbe at

these will make splendid displays for any hat store or accessoroes any satorial man's office.
They are offering 3 shapes bowler, fedora and a belero.
I love the Bowler.

$199 each.
Vintage hat molds are among the most sought-after industrial antiques, prized for their sculptural forms and their connection to a more dapper age. Using an antique Argentine mold as our model, Restortion Hardware reproduced the bowler hat, designed for the brother of a British Earl and favored by 19th-century American railway workers and train robbers, dandies and desperados alike because it stayed put in the wind.
  • Cast from aluminum and mounted on metal stands with a felt-covered base
  • Hand finished in antiqued silver
  • Variations in patina make each mold unique

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