Thursday, November 1, 2012


The Aztec civilization was one of the most advanced ancient civilizations. It thrived along the areas covered by present-day New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona and Colorado. These people later migrated to what is now the central Mexican region. They were considered to be most superior, prosperous and thriving of all the other native American civilizations. The Aztecs built sophisticated cities and they were also culturally developed. 

One of the prominent features of an Aztec design is that it is intricate, colorful, bold and has various geometric shapes like pyramids, etc.

Aztec patterned accessories are exploding right now. The following are some head to toe ideas of whats on offer.

Aztec sleepers the perfect christmas gift.
 Aztec cabby.
 Aztec fedora
 Matt printed toyo fedora with all over print
 Aztec band. I like the printed feather detail.
 Techno Aztec printed band.
 Aztec beach party fedora.
 Aztec beach bag
 Aztec baseball cap
 Aztec beanie.
 Aztec scarf.
 Aztec sweater.

 Aztec mitts.
 Aztec shawl coat.
 Aztec t.
Aztec pattern perfect with a pair of jeans and boots.
A simple knot and a great way to incorporate the aztec trend into your wardrobe.

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