Sunday, June 15, 2014


Gabriela Ligenza is definitely a pioneer when it comes to modern millinery. Her training as an architect and interior designer is easy seen in her millinery creations.
Gabriela has been making hats for the rich and  famous for the past 25 years. She travels back and forth from London to Italy. Her London store is on Ellis street, just around the corner from Sloane Square.
Her new 3D PRINTED COLLECTION of 5 silhouettes, is just wonderful and modern yet still classic in its lines. 3D printing offers milliners endless possibilities to individualize each hat, for each specific customers wants. Milliners will also be able to send the finished file to their overseas customer and the customer can have it printed locally. WOW, how exciting and brilliant!

Brava Gabriela, Brava!!!

The Poem Hat

The 3D POEM HAT is a wonderful idea as a special occasion hat. The words could be switched out for a brides favorite poem.

To see more of Gabriela's millinery go to.

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  1. Though I was looking for some custom caps, but I found this article which has shown a real masterful hat above.