Saturday, July 5, 2014

Saint Laurent's spring 2015 showed nailed the American Canyon W2014 trend

Hedi Slimane covered all his bases in his spring AMERICAN CANYON 2015 collection.

Little Bugle Boy jackets, ponchos, sheepskins, army surplus, embroidered jeans, shamans, amulets, snakeskin boots, in fact all the drag that a garage band would need for a night on the town. And of course what 1960's inspired rock star wound be seen naked without a great hat.

The sound track was by the underground MYSTIC BRAVES, who look a little like The Beatles.
Their Desert Island LP cover, even has a very 1970's peace and live feel about it

The hat of the collection was a brown CORDOBES style with trim inspiration that can be seen on the Mystic Braves safari style hats.

Cordobes with metal band trim

Cordobes with grosgrain trim

Cordobes with feather trim

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