Friday, June 26, 2015


At last weeks DORFMAN PACIFIC'S NSM, we focused a lot on popular culture trends like Coachella, Boho Chic etc. Today, I decided to look at what's happening in the luxury market, and no better place to window shop than Hong Kong's PREMIUM luxury emporium, The Landmark.

At Chanel they have already put up their early fall 15 window. Classic black and white with an Austrian inspiration. The featured hats.

Chanel lampshade
Asymmetric fedora with over-the-top plume.

Ascot Chan was still in summer mode and featured a genuine Panama hat. I like that this is a young guys look and not an old stogy tailored look.

HACKETT LONDON had a fine display of ivy caps and fedoras.

At the NSM we looked at color trends and how important the 50 SHADES OF ORANGE  are. Well, the well heeled customer, is definitely loving it.

From Anya Hindmarsh's orange tasseled bag.

In fact, there was orange everywhere I looked.

TOD'S was embracing orange from shoes to handbags.

FENDI was definitely feeling orange.

LOWE was loving orange.

Even the lads were being tempted by orange.

OMG, maybe ORANGE is the new black!!


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