Thursday, December 3, 2015


First came the "MUN" aka a man bun on the top of the head.
Now, for all you hipster hating guys and balding jealous gents, who are unable to pull a "MUN" off. Get over it!
Haters will be haters!
Those of us with a healthy head of viking flowing locks really do not care what you think.
We love "MUNS", we don't care...........

So what better way to raise you "MUN" game, than with a "MUNDORA".
A "MUNDORA" is a miniature fedora or any other hat, that can be attached to a "MUN".
MUNS and MUNDORAS really put the M in all American Male Masculinity!

The mundoras have left their Brooklyn birth place and are being seen at hipster summits globally.

VLAD he no look happy. I think his mun may be a little too tight. Give him headache.

David should have went with a classic British MUNLER over a mundora.

Kim chi Jong goes mundora and is just so happy with his new look.

Obama goes MUN-A-RAMA. The Prez just oozes style.

George should have worn a MUNBOY hat. 

George is so ahead of the curve with the man braids!!! 

Joe rocking an INDIANA JONES mundora by DORFMAN PACIFIC

With the holidays around the corner, there may be a run on MASCINATORS

SCALA MASCINATORS. The perfect gift for the man who has every thing.

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