Wednesday, June 21, 2017


London is sweltering under a June heatwave and the weather in NYC is schizophrenic. Summer 2017 has barely bloomed, but for fashionistas its time to think about spring summer 2018. So maybe you did not get your S17 beach bod in shape, well no time like the present to work on it for summer 2018!!

Hat trends for summer are looking diverse. We are definitely seeing a gender neutral trend going on.  It looks like designers have thrown a bunch of hats into the air and are waiting to see which will land on heads.

Luckily here at DORFMAN PACIFIC , we offer a diverse collection of hats and brands to suit all trends and customers.

In no particular order, here are the hat trends.

Western, looks like it will happen again. Think drifter profiles over cowboy hats. We are also seeing this influence in southwestern concho belts and slouchy ankle boots.  This looks like a natural look for those who are tired of the boho look of recent years.



Flat top boaters have been trying to make it onto heads the past 2 years. For 2018 we see them move away from pretty French peasant girl look, to a harder  "WESTWORLD" look. Here again, we see the southwestern trend.

Floppy brims can be dramatic and look great in style-out photos but they tend to lose their shape quickly and end up on the sale rack.

High crowns, dramatic, hard to wear with a limited audience.

 Put a CAP on it. Cap sales are going from strength to strength. Definitely logo driven and embellished.

Very Versace

FENDI. I like the embossed leather visors

Bucket hats, another old school silhouette, have also be gaining in strength the past few seasons. 

note the hanging pearls and strings
Dsquared buckets

Not surprising to see visors making a comeback. They do make a great 3some with caps and buckets.

I think all three go nicely with the athleasure lifestyle.

Army navy continues to sell. I have pointed this out in other blogs, see MILITARY TREND ON HIGH ALERT. 

Dsqared "hello sailor"

An extension of the military trend are berets and oversized newsboys.

Natural and wheat colored straws.

no comment

Veiling for a 1950's seductress look.

Fascinators or over the top fantasy hats for going to work!

RED is trending for 2018/2019

Head-wraps are making comeback. Technically not a hat but a scarf. Ever so chic!

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