Wednesday, January 27, 2010

WOW, I had an incredible sleep last night after the yoga marathon. I really need yo give Tamar Kelly (Iyengar 3) and Keith Yaquiedo (Vinasa Flow2 ) a big "thank you both". So my fall 2010 hat collection should be launched at MAGIC/WWD next month. I am really excited about my new direction with the trendier Callanan Legacy label. Puffed coats have really made a come back this winter so I have added a PUFFER TROOPER style # lv231-asst to the line. it is a shinny nylon lined in faux fur and fleecy to keep you nice and snuggly. No need to look like you just came off the mountain after you killed a bear and wrapped it around you head. The puffer down cost was created by Mr. Charles Lames in 1937, to be worn over an opera gown. In the late 60's Mr. James lent the coat to the infamous and ultra talented illustrator Antonio, who to the horror of Mr. James, wore it our dancing at the popular disco Cheetah with his bare chested boyfriend Juan Ramos. The jacket survived the disco escapade and is now housed in the Victoria and Albert museum. A few year later the ever fabulous Antonio, while wearing a zipped up sleeping bag at a fashion symposium, announced that "DOWN" WAS THE FUTURE OF FASHION. Norma Kamali was in the audience and down coats became her signature.

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