Thursday, January 28, 2010

heat-to-toe denim

Denim, an iconic American fabric, The word comes from the name of a sturdy fabric called serge, originally made in Nîmes, France, by the Andre family. Originally called serge de Nîmes, ... shortened to DENIM.
Ain't noth'in sexier then a good tush in denim, the problem is that there is nothing uglier then too much tush stuffed into denim. SO WHAT THE HELL ARE FASHION GURUS THINKING when they dress people head-to-toe in DENIM. Simon Kneen, creative director of the GAP and Banana Republic, should be fired for suggestion that head-to-toe denim is optimistic. Sir, Jasper John's indigo painting might inspire blue skies and feel good moments but they do not capture the over-use of blue jeans. Ditto to Dolce and Gabbana and Ralph Lauren. Guys a little denim goes a long way and is so sexy paired with a wite teeshirt and for gods sake, please ditch the denim handbag. A denim trench coat, please guys, have your med checked!! As for denim shorts, they don't even look sexy in porn movies. Put the Daisey Mys done and put your hand in the air!!
Talking about a fashion faux pas, head-to-toe denim, is a lifer from the fashion police and no, we will not be doing a denim hat for fall 2010.

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