Monday, February 1, 2010

KITSON L.A., that emporium of style came by the booth at the NEW YORK GIFT SHOW today and purchased 3 Callanan hats.
CR105-ASST,the sequined L.V. pool-hat.
CR41OS-ASST, a fine crochet raffia with a filigree edge.
CR43,an upturn sewn braid hat with circular detailing.
All the hats are wonderful but I am surprised tha they did nor pick some of my more fashion hats. Having said this, as KITSON is ahead of the fashion curve, they probably know better then me where hat fashion is going. I am so honored to be in their store.
Fashion is funny. Often I have stylists borrowing hats that they think are the new hot hat while I am trying to sell it off price. Sometimes in fashion you are so behind the curve that you are actually ahead of the "new" curve;-))

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