Monday, July 30, 2012

Cheat Sheet- Summer 2013 trends

Summer 2012 may be drawing to a close in many parts of the world but in the fashion world, summer 2013 is just around the corner. So here is a cheat sheet of what you will be wearing and what your customer will be looking for next summer.

                                                     PRINTS AND MOTIFS

*What is summer without pretty flowers. Next summers annuals will be over-sized sketched flowers and also tiny digital floral prints.

*there are birds of every feather depicted on pretty summer frocks. Run Tippi, run!!

*Another perennial classic is the OCEAN. We see lots of deep sea creatures from coral to starfish.

*Mirror prints are a fresh trend. It looks great on clothing, purses and shoes but might be a little tricky on hats.

*Color blocking continues as a strong trend and works great for hats. See Callanan style CR166-asst below.
* Baroque as seen on satin scarves with fleur de lys and leaf scrolling, also looks great on bags and summer hat detailing. I think this trend will be even bigger for fall 2014 with velvet, lace and pearls.

*Animal continues to trend with ZEBRA being the animal du jour.


*Exotic skins continue to trend. From snake, to water lizards and crocodile. These work into the Future Fiesta key trend.

Note the use of faux snake on Callanan style CR167-asst.
and CR141-ASST

*Perforated and mesh fabrics. This works into a key trend Sports Authority.

* Eyelet and lace fabrics.
*Metallic, metal and fabrics with high shine.
*transparency- Sports Authority

*Raffia....Woven not crocheted. Works will in bags, hats and raffia trimmed shoes.

*Embellishment, lots of it! Works with the key trend Deco modern.


* Neutrals, Beige, Brick, Burnt from the key Trend African Oasis.
Style LM161-ASST.


*BLUES, you can't go wrong.

Carter wearing LM324-asst and Amanda LM326-asst.

* Greens in all shades from mint to pistachio but keep an eye on Jade.

Carter wearing  LM314-asst.
*Orange. Pantone nominated tangerine their color of the year 2012.

Style CR129

                         THE FIVE KEY TRENDS

Millions of people will have watched the OLYMPICS this year. These people will be looking for sporty looks for next summer.

Mad Men and The Help. This is a very modern lady like trend. Retro looks fro the 50's and 60's but updated for the 21 century lady.

The remake of the classic The Great Gatsby will have ladies looking for more embellished accessories.

*Future Fiesta.
Think exotic reptiles, bright ethnic details and neon.

*African Oasis.
Classic safari, animal, tribal and handcrafted themes.

hats off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The good news is that hats will work with all these trends. Fashion hats like fedoras will continue to sell  as will large brims that offer UPF50 SUN PROTECTION.
BUT KEEP A CLOSE EYE ON BASEBALL CAPS. We are not talking Gap caps and sports logo caps here. The fashion customer may be tired of jockeys and cadet caps.
It looks like fashion baseball caps may make a resurgence. Here are some from the latest fashion shows.

Might work into the deco trend.

Demure Diva.

Color block/Sports Authority.

Sports Authority
Africa Oasis.
African Safari.

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