Monday, October 13, 2014

CALLANAN F15 behind the photo-shoot camera

The CALLANAN F15 photo shoot had to go indoors as a result of the torrential rain on October 4th. The photographer koitz was nice enough to offer his home as the backdrop for the shoot.
Philip Rotter, as always, pulled the looks together on a shoe string.

Philip also does the hair and make-up.....

but when your canvas is as gorgeous as CONSTANZA, it kind of comes together a little easier.

Constanza Palavecino wearing LV332
KOITZ and his lighting assistant IBOTXO ( It's a Basque name) make magic happen, even when there is no sun shinning.

All this behind the camera action and we get this great photo.

Philip adds some light to koitz sideboard to create a nightclub feel and we get.
The afternoon gave us a little break from the rain so it was out to the garden.


 Stayed tuned for the complete collection.

                                                                        THE END

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