Thursday, January 13, 2011


We had an amazing this week. It was one of the best attended shows in a long time. The reality is apparel is slow, unlike high margin accessories, so stores are expanding their accessory departments, and after last year's never-ending-summer, stores had very little carry over in hats. Buyers just see the glam but they have no idea what we do to create the fantasy of an exhibit.
Got to the booth on Saturday at 9.30. Our booth is situated right in front of the freight exit with a gale blowing in from Canada, so it was like being in a deep-freeze locker -10. Yep, wore the long johns, hoodie and fingerless gloves but was still like a block of ice. YEA, I GOT ME A REAL GLAMOROUS JOB.
Booth was nearly set up. We use, the best in the business but we had to wait 1 hour until the union guys put the light up.
No, I do not have a magic wand and the hats just appear on the walls. We have to unwrap the hats that arrive from out distro in Stockton Ca. thanks to Christine Topete and her hard working team.
We merchandise the hats by brands and we happen to have the best hat brands in AMERICA. Iconic  brands like STETSON, TOMMY BAHAMA, CARLOS SANTANA

With the help of Leslie Corea, a merchandise whiz, Jim Caparosa and Ann Breland we do our magic.
5 hours later, feeling like blocks of ice we are ready for our close up.

Light the light, curtains up, we have nothing to hit but the hight.............

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