Friday, January 21, 2011

MRKet/VANGUARD January show

MRKet new York did get off yo a rousing start on Monday as reported by but before discussing how quickly it fizzled, lets focus on the positive.
They were smart to have Michael Macko produce a trend presentation that used not only mannequins displays but also used 24 human models for the opening morning. It was a wow effect at 9am Monday morning.
Michael Macko tried to give the buyers some focus by introducing this to fall 2011 leading trends.

ALPINE ACTIVE where he featured a WOOLRICH trooper. Troopers continue to be big head-ware sellers.

MILITARY where he also featured a WOOLRICH trooper.

FAIR-ISLE where he featured a HEADERS knit cadet.

WORK-WEAR where he featured a DPC pull on beanie.

SARTORIAL where he featured a beaver finish CHRISTY LONDON top hat.
CALLANAN LEGACY caps were worn by many of the male models.

It is always a challenge to shows complete collections in tiny booths but we did our beast to sample each collection.
We curated our booth to feature BILTMORE, STETSON, WOOLRICH, CALLANAN fall with Tommy Bahama and Scala for immediate deliver. Stetson and WOOLRICH were the definite people pleaser's with customers ordering Stetson caps and WOOLRICH troopers.
So after Monday's rousing start, the attendance fizzled very quickly. Tuesdays snow and sleet did not help in getting buyers to the show. The issue is that the show is out of sync with the other mens-ware shows that all start on Sunday. Customers are not inclined to pay for an additional hotel night, so Wednesday, the last day is dead as a door nail. Charles Garone, who used to run the Vanguard section, was sourly missed and his absence turned this into a boring suit show.
Adding salt into the wound, it took 2 hours to get our hats tubes back. This is a tiny show, at bigger shows like N Y Gift or MAGIC pallet returns are much quicker. Management gives itself an "A". I give them a 'C".

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