Friday, January 7, 2011

SALE, sale, SALE, sale

SALE, there was a time when a SALE SIGN really meant something. When it meant you were really getting a bargain. People waited for the January white sales in the hope of getting something that was ordinarily out of their budget. In Paris, stores are only allowed to go on sale certain times of the year. In America it seems that a NON SALE store is an endangered species. I had to go see a prestigious Fifth Avenue store today, that wanted to buy Callanan spring hats. The store is not too far from our showroom so I decided to walk in the snow. I was struck by all the SALE signs and wondered what were they telling me about what was on sale. Here are some observations.
@juicycouture the sign looked a little like Las Vegas. The odds are with the house. Maybe I will not win a bargain.
2 doors in from Fifth was a little too on the down low for me.
@faconnable a devision of Nordstrom. Nice clean white classic sign that I can trust. I will get a good deal here.
never trust a NYC store with a going out of business............even if they are.
H&M is so cheap to begin with, why would you even bother looking for a bargain. Tacky looking sale sign.
@bananarepublic. whatever!

@colehann. This says we have a solid sale and we still merchandise the sales goods. We are proud of our goods and image even when on sale.

@kennethcole it's black and white that you will get a great deal.
@lacost, um not sure. Are they having a sale or playing monopoly? I hate monopoly.
tourist trap, keep walking..................

@esprit we get the naked truth. No games, no haggling. just good sale prices.
@roxy.  sale on a whim. depends if the manager is making his daily numbers.
@anntaylor. they put the ANN in annual sale. How cute! I bet they have "ann" going sale rack every week.
2nd floor in a non descriptive building is a no go.
@barami not big enough to get me in the door.

@urbanoutfitter and the sale goes on.

@barkers read the small print.

desperation sale.

@bcbg, still chic at 60% off.

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