Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The boyfriend hat

Whats the difference between men and ladies hats is an often asked question.
The answer is that the ladies wear mens hats but the men do not wear ladies hats. So Jennifer Aniston and her beau, Justin Theroux seam to be dipping in to each other closets. So is that the boyfriend hat syndrome or the girlfriend hat syndrome, that they she being donning?
Jenn dons the classic oversized brim hat that say "I'm hiding from the paparazzi under the brim and behind the glasses. Really guys, I vont to be alone". The matching black tees, black leather jackets, skinny jeans and laced up boots are a little too coordinate.
Justin did you borrow Jenn's fedora
Looking good dude. Like the civil war 'burns and 'statch.

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