Sunday, September 11, 2011

Callanan Hats China

I just retuned from the grand opening of JACOBEAN China. Jacobean is China's only hat store. The flagship opened this weekend in Beijing's SOHO VILLAGE shopping center which has prestigious stores like Burberry, Lanvin, Versace etc.
We had a great press turnout fro Vogue China, AD, SPACE and FOR HIM MAGAZINE. The editors were very interested in how we would design hats for the Chinese face shape and how we intended to adapt hat fashion to local Chinese's trends. These were interesting questions so we explained that we designed fashion hats that are sold internationally. The interviews really became lessons os on how to wear hats, how to choose a hat to suit different face shapes and height statures. In the end everyone was quite excited and the champagne was flowing.
The tie trim fedoras were very popular.

Tony looked great in the laced trim fedora and James the store manager in the backgrounds preferred a flat cap.

 The flowers kept arriving.

 I got your back covered.

 My buddy Kock.