Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hat Design competition

Enter the Mad Hatter Hatmaker Competition

Hey Philip Treacy, want to see if you can top this design you made for Princess Beatrice at the Royal Wedding?
Joppatowne, MD–In honor of the recent National Hat Day (Jan. 15), amateurs as well as experienced milliners are invited to submit designs for the Mad Hatters’ first MHS Hatmaker Competition.
Any style or material may be used and all themes –outrageousness, surrealism, irony and inventiveness–all apply. Unusual materials are encouraged.
Teams of no more than two people may collaborate on a hat and entrants may enter more than one hat. Rules:
  • The hat must be made from scratch by the entrant(s) themselves. A hat that is merely decorated would not qualify.
  • It must be made between National Hat Day and the contest entry deadline, April 1.
  • The hat must be worn by someone in a public place and photographed.
The Mad Hatters Society page is open to anyone on Facebook, but you have to send a request to join. Click here for the link.
To enter the contest, upload photographs to the MHS page and in the caption state the maker’s name and name of the hat plus a brief description. Anyone can enter but they must join the MHS (at least temporarily) to upload the photos to enter the contest.
The winning photo will become the icon for the Mad Hatters Society page.
All prizes haven’t been announced yet, but winners will definitely receive a free copy of the Mad Hatters’ interactive eBook Hatatorium: An Essential Guide for Hat Collectors.
According to the Mad Hatters, if enough people enter the competition it might be expanded into several categories, and they are open to suggestions. One area under consideration Virtual Hats, which are hats only existing digitally.

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