Wednesday, December 12, 2012

CALLANAN FALL 2014 photoshot- behind the scenes

Here is a little peek behind the scenes at the Callanan hats fall 2014 photo shot. Luckily I have a great photographer koitz

And a magical stylist/hairdresser/makeup artist Philip Rotter.

A photo shot cannot happen without food which sometimes is also a prop. According to koitz, the croissants are made by the ex-croissant maker to the pope. They certainly were delicious and the papal blessing most certainly made-up for the extra calories!!

Philip grabbed a throw from the back of a couch to act as a table cloth which brought all the fall colors together.

 After KOITZ gets finished it looks more like.



Working on a shoe-string budget makes people very creative. Philip took the model's cardigan and turned it back to front to create a stylish looking knit dress.

Koitz does his magic and the picture looks more like Central Park than an over grown backyard.
Add a scarf to the outfit for a new look.

And on an overcast day we have Brian, the unsung hero, creating sunshine.

You know the sugar level is dropping and crew needs to eat when they turn cannibal.

But Koitz ignores them and gets the shot.

Rush inside to get some lighting effects before losing the natural light.




So much goes on behind the scene to get the perfect picture.


I love all the pictures but this is one of my favorites.

Brian is standing on the ground level, holding an extendable pole flash into a second story window. The lighting is perfect and the whole thing looks like a painting. 
I hope this makes the cover.


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