Tuesday, December 4, 2012


The main streets, where you will find abundant stores and restaurants, are on a north/south, east/west axis. The museum mansions are also on the main streets. Do rent the magic wand. It is so inexpensive at 150 rnb. As you walk around the city it comes on automatically, if you are near something of interest. You can keep the wand as long as you want, 1,2, 3 days whatever, for the one rental fee.
 The main area is pedestrianized but do watch out for the electric scooters. You cannot hear them coming and the can be quite startling as they zoom by.
The streets are very clean and paved with large pave stones.

A foot massage will feel like heaven after all the walking and there are plenty of restaurants with Chinese and some western food on offer. Corned beef is the local delicacy and it is quite delicious.

The taffy maker at work.

 Big lumps of coal being delivered. The pollution culprit.

 Lots of pet dogs and cats and people clean up after their dogs.

There are some great old doors to look at.

 Renovations are being tastefully carried out.
 Coal being delivered to a restaurant. People do need to stay warm in this very cold climate, but lets hope that natural gas arrives sooner than later.

The roofs are quintessential Chinese.

Roof edgings

Glazed roof edgings

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