Sunday, October 17, 2010


While wasting some time before going to the theater last night I watched a few minutes of Sarah Palin speaking in Anaheim. I would never vote for her to be elected to any public office but I can see how her folksy, over the back-yard-fence, way of talking appeals to middle Americans. So how apropos to see the musical BLOODY BLOODY ANDREW JACKSON an hour later. Jackson, America's 7th president, a total populist a la Obama, uses his sex appeal a la Clinton, wins the popular vote of the people only to have the title president snatched away by the electoral college a la Gore. He does not give up and wins 4 years later on the promise of being the people's president by channeling the people voices and desires, being a maverick, a Washington outsider (OMG sounds like Palin) only to find out that people want their president to make the choices for them and that populist feelings are fickle. History is still divided on whether Jackson was America's Hitler or Moses.
On the entertainment index, I had a great night out. Bloody Bloody Jackson is on of the new genre American musicals, like Spring Awakening, that appeals to the younger theater goers. The songs will not be sang around pianos, in musical evening bars, which is fine by me.
Benjamin Walker as Jackson is a roman god and once I was able to peel my eyes away from his ever so tight fitting pants, I realized he is a very good actor with a nice voice.

 The cast was amazing and it is hard to single one out over another
 and the songs and band kept the story line moving along quite smoothly.

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