Friday, October 8, 2010

Temptation suppressant

It had been long grueling day at work and I had to run to yoga class. Arriving in a ball of sweat, only to learn that one of my favorite teachers, Miss Chrissy Carter was a last minute no show. Now, I am sure her sub was wonderful, but I was just not in the mood to follow a stranger's instructions. So I decided to take my time walking  home, stopped to look at my favorite thrift store windows on 18th street, Angle Street and Housing Works before popping into Loehmann's under the guise of "I needed to cool down in their AC".
Loehmann's is not known for their mens shoe department, which is non existent, but as I made my way under the stairwell, there they were, in all their glorious temptation, a gorgeous pair of Costume National Homme boots at 399, marked down from 999.

Now, I knew that the devil was tempting me because why else would the boots have cost 999 originally, so I really had to meditate on not being tempted by the orange peel finish of the leather, the stud trim detail and the soft burnt orange lamb lining.

Thank God I have read a little and I remembered that the other wonderful Irish man Oscar Wilde said "the best way to get over temptation is to give into it", or something like that.

So off I went to the cash register where the universe happened to put a 15% discount in my way.

No regrets on this spluge and these boots really kick as(s)ana.

So move over Nancy for these boots are made for walking.......

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