Sunday, October 10, 2010


For those of you suffering from FEDORA FATIGUE, good news is on the way. According to the London Time's October 6th edition, John Steed's iconic headwear is back in fashion after n absence of 40 years. The come back of this British of British hats should not be a surprise to those of us that have been gleefully following the sartorial trend of th past 2 years.

Not to be outdone in the battle of fashion, the Parisians are also saying BRAVO to the return of the chapeau melon (melon hat, which is a pretty good description of a bowler's crown) but pointing out that John's sidekick in the Avengers, Emma Peel was also quite sexy looking when she donned her bowler hat. Bravo to Mr. JPG for reintroducing the Parisians to the bowler hat in his fall sartorial collection for Hermes.
Here in the good old USA we prefer to call this shape a DERBY. At Callanan Legacy we are always on trend so we offered our FERBY (derby that can be pinched to create a fedora crown), a soft wool felt derby that can be pinched into a fedora crown as an alternative shape. Style LV227-BLK can be purchased at J.J. Hat Center 310 Fifth Ave. New York, NY 10016 Toll Free: 1.800.622.1911 or and other great stores nationwide like,

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