Sunday, October 31, 2010

Callanan hats fall 2011 photo shoot

The weather worked with us yesterday for the fall 2011 photo shoot. Blue skies with a little cloud made Williamsburg look enchanting. Everyone thinks that photo shoots are all fun and games but they are long intense days for all concerned. The official pix will not be ready until next week after KOITZ makes his magic and editing but here are some behind the scenes peeks from my amateur camera.
The photographer KOITZ.
Everyone showed up on time at 1pm. Brian gets into character. Brain is a dancer and successful web designer for a large firm.

KOITZ assistant David had the hardest time making sure there was always the right like on the model. He was so stoic.
My bad pic

and why I use a professional like KOITZ

me and Brian. Yes, I often use my clothes to dress the models. This was about 2.30pm. Erin shows up for some couple pixs before Brien heads home.

The couple pixs are on the beautiful Kent Street in front of the Episcopalian church.

Erin is an aspiring Broadway actress and also models pantyhose.
The temperature seemed to drop 20 degrees in 1 hour. I felt bad for Erin but she was such a professional. No complaining, no shivering, She stayed totally poised for the camera.
We wrapped it up right on time at 5pm. can't wait to see the finished product.

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